Windows 8 Developer Preview

I am writing this post from Windows 8 Developer Preview.  You can get the bits here.

After a successful install and some time to ready myself to the new Metro UI, I have begun installing programs to put this OS to task.  According to the Keynote at the Build Conference this week, this release was made public to test not just the new UI and to begin to create apps, but to test your current Windows 7 apps.  That is the task for this week.

I will continue to update this post with programs that I have used most widely on my Windows 7 setup, such as Windows Live Essentials, which installed in a snap and is running very well.  During the installation process, I was prompted to install .Net Framework 3.5.1:

Install Dot Net 3 point 5 on W8 with Live Essentials

The install went without a hitch.  After a required reboot I was able to successfully run Windows live Mail and Windows Live Writer.  The Messenger Companion tool was installed in IE10 also once I opened IE10.


Check back often as I will be installing several more programs, from utilities, to office products to games!

***Update 1 – 9/16/2011 10:22 AM ***

Successfully installed and ran Chrome (and Angry Birds!):

Angry Birds on Chrome

And a few of my favorite utilities, CoreTemp and CPU-Z…

CoreTemp CPU-Z

Note: My system is currently not overclocked. I run it at 2.66GHz and 1066 FSB for stable releases…we’ll see how W8 Dev. handles that and power soon!  It does clock down fast, a feature of the E2180 CPU, which saves energy when the system is idle or using few resources.  Watching CPU-Z will let me see how W8 handles all of this.  So far, great!

***Update 1 – 9/18/2011 2:45 AM ***

Restless night….anyway, as noted above, I have booted this PC overclocked (as I have run it for almost three years now)…the enjoyment of a self built PC is tremendous…setting it all up right is a technical feat, but worth every penny (not spent on an OEM POS)

Yes, system booted fast and stable overclocked and I am currently tasking the system to test it over time…for now here are some screen shots of the utilities noting how the system hardware is configured as of this update:



I am rather impressed with the Intel CPU E2180’s ability to both clock down and to overclock, and GigaByte’s exceptional Motherboard design!  I believe the Win-Intel match will continue to rock!

Here is a full screen grab while playing a 1080p video from the HD Gallery on YouTube in Firefox:

OC 2666 playing utube 1080p

Stability tests (@ OC) to run overnight, I will run (4) browsers with HD video at once (and log utility readings), which should task this system well!  No need to fear, the BIOS on this system allows the system to shut down way before Max. Temp.

BTW, Happy 49th Birthday, Joann in Heaven!