Windows 7 WMC and DVD Subtitles

I am currently watching Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King with English Subtitles on:

Here is what I did to be able to see what the actors are saying while watching this DVD movie in W7 Media Center:

First, and as I thought, Microsoft in fact supports those with disabilities:

There is a section in the CP below that turns on text captions.

Control Panel>All Control Panel Items>Ease of Access Center>Get recommendations to make your computer easier to use

Run this routine and select ‘deaf’ and any others that apply:

CP Settings

I then went to Windows Media Center and navigated to the the DVD Subtitles Section:

Tasks>Settings>DVD> and set Language to ‘English’ and set Subtitles to ‘On When Muted’

Make sure to save.

DVD Options

Then, I popped in the DVD and began playing it.

For this movie I had to enter the DVD Menu by right clicking on the movie playing:

Sound Options

and switch the Audio to English Subtitles:

English Subtitles

Then, all I had to do was mute the sound and I began to see the text of the actors dialogue:


A right click over the movie while playing shows a ‘ribbon’:

Subtitles Options

That should be it!