Windows 7 – get it now

I have just ordered the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Family Pack from Amazon.  The cost was $149.95 and free shipping is available.  This is a limited time offer so get it now.  As I have done so, I will be spending the next few days making sure I have proper backups of my PC’s, download the necessary drivers and up to date programs for Windows 7 so when I do the installs I will be ready to go.  Once I have completed this task, I will do some testing, verifying, etc. and post some family heritage pages of Phil and Lydia’s ancestors.

If you have two or three PC’s, this is a great deal, you should get it now, even if you want to wait to upgrade.  At $50 per PC when upgrading (3) or even $75 when upgrading only (2), the price is excellent.  I also highly recommend anyone with XP to upgrade, if possible.  Older PC’s may not be able to run Windows 7.  To discover if your PC can, run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.  You can also purchase a great PC as of Oct. 22nd, 2009 with Windows 7 for very decent prices.

The 3 Pack Upgrades are for Home Users in one household, and will upgrade Windows XP Home version or Vista Home Premium.  There are other options for upgrades of Windows XP Pro or Vista Ultimate at Microsoft or retailers.

The single install upgrade price is ~ $119 (get the retail version)