Windows 7 Enterprise Tests Underway

I just installed the 90 day trial version of Windows 7 Enterprise x64.  Both x86 and x64 versions are available on Technet now. This is the full RTM version, with a 90 day limit.  It installed flawlessly in about 20 minutes, on the third partition of my second hard drive, leaving the installed OS, Vista Home Premium x86, as is and as should be, adding in a boot selection for the new OS.

I will install all my Blogging/WebMaster tools on this OS and report back if there are any issues.  I was surprised to see that 7E came with Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player.  I have setup my TV tuner and note that the performance is excellent.

Windows 7 Desktop

I will update I have updated this post this week after installation, testing and use.

  • ‘Windows updates’ runs without issue.  Action Center alerts user to available updates and auto installs security related updates on restart.
  • My AV solution, avast! Pro installed, updates, and runs without issue.
  • Windows Live Writer (I installed the full Windows Live Essentials suite) installed, updates, and runs without issue.  I am updating this post from the new installation of Windows 7.
  • File sharing between networked PC’s, and my local Vista installation works as expected without issue.
  • Windows Home Server Connector installs, connects, and starts a backup using the provided tools on my WHS.
  • UAC prompts are less intrusive.  When auth is required the delay has been greatly reduced.

More to follow….

Meanwhile, it seems Kylie has been retained for the Windows 7 ad campaign well afoot now:

(Spotted on Techblog)