The Coveted Service Pack 1

***update 02/22/2011 6PM***


Installation proceeded as anticipated – all systems go!

Original Post:


Microsoft has Released to Manufacturing Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (W7 SP1).  The first Service Pack for any of Microsoft’s Operating Systems of late has always been regarded as that version which is acceptable for those who do not like to dive in head first.  That said, I must confess that I am super happy with the original RTM of W7 and also excited about W7 SP1.  Not only does this Service Pack rollup all the updates released to date for the RTM but also adds a few new features, most notably, RemoteFX.

RemoteFX is a Remote Desktop implementation designed specifically for use with Windows Server 2008 R2 that makes the use of Remote Desktop more robust, while also including Thin Client support.

Anytime we upgrade our Operating System we should take much care to ensure we have backed up our important data.  Most notably for home users these are at least your pictures, music, videos, and all important documents.

We should all do our best to clean up our systems prior to running the update that will be made available from Windows Update automatically on Feb. 22, 2011 (for all of us home users who have Automatic Updates on as we should).  Remove any programs you have no intention of using or need, organize and clean up your files, defrag your hard drive, remove obscure or old applications, delete temp files, etc…

Careful planning makes the update process best.