Tech Leaders

Want to have informative information from the Web’s best tech writers on hand at all times?

Here it is:

Techmeme has a Top 100 list (save the file locally). On the right of the Top 100 page you will find an OPML file download link.  An OPML file is a grouping of RSS feeds that can be pointed to in Windows Live Mail or Outlook 2007 or Internet Explorer 7 or other various RSS Feed readers.

If you are already an experienced feed reader, you can import your OPML file (a file format that can represent your feeds hierarchically) from Bloglines, FeedDemon,, etc. Just click on the “+” button next to the Favorites Center icon and select “Import and Export.” This takes you through a wizard to add feeds from your OPML file into IE7.

Once pointed to the data will be available in a blink on your desktop whenever you decide to look at it.  The great thing about having such a compilation of data at hand is that you can easily search the feeds for a whole web world of things you want to find out more on or even find the latest gadgets or computer hardware, what is good out there and what is bad.  It’s good reading.