Keeping Windows Running Cleanly Each Day

In this post, Pioneer Web Design discusses methods for Keeping Windows Running Cleanly Each Day. Security is always job one here. Make it yours also.

This article has been updated as of Feb. 8, 2013 to bring to date some links and add a note about Java.

Please also note: below applies to Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3 users only now.  Windows 8 comes with Windows Defender for Windows 8 which is essentially Microsoft Security Essentials.  AV protection is included out of the box.  That said, you can check with your favorite AV vendor for a version that works with Windows 8 for your edition of Windows 8.

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Vista SP2 is here!

I have just downloaded and will be installing today the second service pack (SP2) of Windows Vista.  The installer is available for manual download and will soon be offered by Automatic Updates.  I will report back on any issues, but I do not expect any.  The Service Pack was released to Microsoft’s Technet Community for testing a while back and should have all major bugs worked out.

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