Software Inspectors

In this post, Pioneer Web Design discusses Software Inspectors, tools such as Sucunia PSI, MDSA and AVG. Each has their own purpose.

The folks over at Secunia have put together a GREAT little utility called Personal Software Inspector that checks if the software you have running on your computer is at the latest security release/patch version.  What’s great about it is it runs in real time on your computer and will let you know when an update is available also.  Another great utility for us Windows users is Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer.  This program checks if all your Microsoft programs and your version of Windows is properly patched.  Of course, we should always make sure we have the latest updates from Microsoft Update.

For anyone who cannot afford the yearly price of AntiVirus solutions, there is AVG Free.  I use AVG Free on all my computers and recommend it.  It is simple to install and use.  Always make sure you have just one AV solution running.  Often, AV solutions do not uninstall properly (often as it has quarantined files that you really do not want to let loose on your computer), so make sure if you do install another solution that the old one is actually fully uninstalled first.

Happy and safe Computing.