Photo Fuse

In the first two pictures below, both taken in the same location and with the same camera, I will test and write a quick summary of how to use the new ‘Photo Fuse’ function available with Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011, which is just part of Windows Live Essentials 2011, part of Microsoft’s move to cloud based computing all designed specifically for Windows 7.

Jyvaskyla to Vaasa Jyvaskyla to Vaasa

First we have to select two pictures from the photo gallery that we would like to modify.  I have selected the two above as they are prime examples to use.  Once that is done, we click on the Photo Fuse command in the ribbon bar under the Create tab:


Next we will be prompted to select the area we want to fuse.  Use the drag points to ‘crop’ the area to change and the ‘Which do you like best?’ area will update accordingly.


In this first part of the Photo Fuse, I have chosen to pick the face of Ingrid without her glasses on, and the result is below.  We can then save the file with a new name.


Next, we return to Photo Gallery and select the picture we just saved and the picture of Ken with his glasses up:


We proceed as we did in the previous steps to crop, select the face to keep, save, etc., and we end up with:

117 Fuse Fuse

Now, this is kind of a silly example actually, as we ended up with what is basically the upper leftmost picture – Ah, but not entirely true!  We have a slightly different background.  I imagine some train ghost had been staring in the window on the left in one of the shots.  Using this technique, we can eliminate that!   We also can see more of what Ken was holding!

You may also notice that in that ribbon bar, on the right, there are several choices of where we could then share this photo, photos, or albums online.  Once we go thru the initial login setup steps, we can just click and share our work!  Make sure to people tag each person and add a caption before sharing!

Happy Photo Fusing and Sharing!

BTW, thanks Uncle Ken and Aunt Ingrid for letting me use these great pictures Aunt Betty took!