Keeping Windows Running Cleanly Each Day

In this post, Pioneer Web Design discusses methods for Keeping Windows Running Cleanly Each Day. Security is always job one here. Make it yours also.

This article has been updated as of Feb. 8, 2013 to bring to date some links and add a note about Java.

Please also note: below applies to Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3 users only now.  Windows 8 comes with Windows Defender for Windows 8 which is essentially Microsoft Security Essentials.  AV protection is included out of the box.  That said, you can check with your favorite AV vendor for a version that works with Windows 8 for your edition of Windows 8.

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Java Exploits Increase – How to Properly Update Java

In this post, Pioneer Web Design will discuss  the issue Java Exploits Increase and show you How to Properly Update Java.

A recent entry on the Microsoft Malware Protection Center website notes an alarming spike in malware related to Java.  Java is ‘ubiquitous’ in that it is used by almost all web users and integrated into almost all websites.  It is prevalent in many applications used in Windows, Mac, and Linux, and is also found widely in mobile devices.

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Software Inspectors

In this post, Pioneer Web Design discusses Software Inspectors, tools such as Sucunia PSI, MDSA and AVG. Each has their own purpose.

The folks over at Secunia have put together a GREAT little utility called Personal Software Inspector that checks if the software you have running on your computer is at the latest security release/patch version.  What’s great about it is it runs in real time on your computer and will let you know when an update is available also.  Another great utility for us Windows users is Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer.  This program checks if all your Microsoft programs and your version of Windows is properly patched.  Of course, we should always make sure we have the latest updates from Microsoft Update.

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Reduce SPAM now

You asked – Here are your QNA’s:

Q1: Is a single email address–one you use for ‘official business’ (your employer, home banking, investments, etc), for friends and family and for Internet browsing–ok to use?  What are the risks?  The benefits?  Can you explain, for everyone in the family, why having more than one email address is optimal?

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