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  • As the sole proprietor of Pioneer Web Design, I first thank you for taking the time to visit my site. Pioneer Web Design was created to offer advice and to offer help on a range of topics, from web hosting to PC issues, from freelance web design to a full package of design and hosting for small business and professionals.
  • My career in this industry began over 10 years ago. It was really not my intention at that time to do this full time. I was already gainfully employed as an Electrical Hardware Designer, a career than ran for almost 27 years. That said, I could see the market for those skills declining (or moving offshore) and how important the web has become to us all.
  • I dug in deep and began studying important languages and their code such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and a platform that pulls them all together, namely WordPress. Not the WordPress that gives you a simple interface to create a journal or blog, but the much more powerful WordPress.org, a polished CMS from which there are few limits. Many powerful and very popular websites have been built on this platform.
  • Many others also are built with WordPress. Sites such as CNN, the New York Times and many others are proudly displayed at the WordPress Showcase.
  • Of course, these names are huge and have very large staffs and budgets. One does not need such to develop a small business website. That is my target, small businesses and professionals who desire a more professional (not to mention, unique) online presence.
  • If that is you, please feel free to contact me through my Contact Page, use the email buttons displayed across this site, or call me at 1-603-583-3777. You will likely be surprised how cost effective getting online with a well developed, professional looking site can be.
  • Not only could I develop and host that small business website for you, but I can use my experience to get it noticed. That is key. How do I drive traffic to my business cost effectively through a website? I have the answers.
  • If you already have a site and require support or design and development services, please know that I can quote that work usually within 24 hours and can assist in emergencies usually on that same day.